Introducing the Coach Class of 2018

On Tuesday afternoon, just before the start of Coach’s fall 2018 show, Sasha Lane, Tommy Dorfman, Joey Badass, Poppy, Kiko Mizuhara and India Menuez posed backstage for WWD. They make up Coach’s unofficial Class of 2018: a group of creatives the brand feels has their fingers on the pulse of culture.
Lane, Dorfman and Badass are most recognizable through their breakout projects. Lane appeared in 2016’s “American Honey”; Dorfman stars in “13 Reasons Why,” the Netflix series executive-produced by Coach brand ambassador Selena Gomez, and Joey Badass released 2015’s “B4.Da.$$” to critical acclaim. On the rise are singer Poppy, model Mizuhara and artist Menuez.
WWD chatted with Lane, Joey Badass, Poppy and Mizuhara ahead of the show. See what they had to say about style, closets and Coach below.
Sasha Lane
WWD: What in your opinion is a Coach wardrobe staple?
Sasha Lane: “The dinosaurs. I’m so into the dinosaurs everywhere. I go in and I keep trying to find them all. And their bags are always so cute.”
WWD: Favorite outdoor activity?
S.L.: “Honestly, laying in the grass. No shoes, laying in the grass and chilling. I’m not really an activity person, I’m more of a chiller. So just sitting there.”
WWD: Red carpet moment that defined

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