SweatWELLth, Where Gatorade Meets Skin Care

SweatWELLth is a new contender in the ath-leisure beauty arena with a lineup that extends beyond cosmetics that don’t wilt during a workout. Think Gatorade meets body care.
“Many of the brands on the market are more cosmetic and we respect what the big brands are doing, such as waterproof and SPF. But we wanted to target the people doing active, lifestyle-changing activities along with diet,” said Paul DeGaetano, president of SweatWELLth. The brand is formulated for enthusiasts of all ages engaged in high-energy workouts such as CrossFit, Pilates, cycling and yoga. “They want something that can enhance their performance before, during and after their activity.”
SweatWELLth isn’t only for Millennials. “Everyone is striving to have good health and wellness. Along with the ath-leisure craze, it made sense to bring out products that speak to active lifestyles,” added Rebecca Killian, executive vice president, product development and design at SweatWELLth. “But we knew we needed to do some pioneering because we really wanted products that can help you do better during workouts and recovery. We have some real performance technology into the products.”
The six stockkeeping-unit collection, plus a trial-size kit, is the latest in a booming market for active beauty lines such as

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