Think Tank: Five Ways for Brands and Retailers to Attract Chinese Tourists

This Friday, on Feb. 16, the Chinese New Year will officially kick off the “Year of the Dog,” and U.S. retailers will have a significant opportunity to tap into the tech-savvy, luxury-minded Chinese tourist base. Chinese tourists spend an estimated $261 billion while traveling internationally, according to the World Tourism Organization, and these travelers love to shop when they are abroad, especially for items that may not be readily available in China.
Chinese tourists tend to have high service expectations and are usually eager to spend on luxury goods, jewelry and apparel. Economists estimate that Chinese tourist–related spending totals about $200 billion globally each year, so retailers that focus on connecting with and serving these travelers are likely to see benefits. Below are five ways that retailers can cater to Chinese tourists who are visiting the U.S.

Use technology to offer one-of-a-kind, exclusive shopping experiences.

Many Chinese consumers are hyper-connected and keep their mobile phones at their fingertips in order to stay current on news and trends as well as to message friends, schedule appointments, check prices, research products and purchase goods and services. These tech-savvy consumers also have an appetite for luxury products, and they want to be pampered. Retailers can cater

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